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 by Lori DiGuardi

Deep in the village of Kyanja live children robbed of their mothersí embrace, stripped of their fathersí protection. It is primarily AIDs and malaria that has left them without parents. They help make up the 2.3 million orphans in Uganda. Other children in the village have parents but are victims of economic hardship; the culprit that keeps bellies filled with hunger. 85% of Ugandans live on less than $1 a day. 31% of the country lives in poverty. The children of Kyanja village have not escaped the harsh statistics. These are the children that Agnes Mukasa discovers as she travels to her sonís home in Kyanja. These are the children Agnes would come to care for when she starts Brain Tree Primary School...      Continue Reading

 by Lori DiGuardi

Waiting for us at Entebbe Airport are the Mukasa family and friends. It is late Tuesday night, July 18th. Just footsteps out of the immigration door we are enveloped by hungry octopus arms that pull us into a soft center. We feast upon gleeful hugs and words of endearment before we are turned loose. The arms of our welcoming committee again come alive, this time to unburden us of every piece of luggage we carry and to gently direct us to the ride home...     Continue Reading

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"Tuva mu munyeenye. Twagalana. Twegase. Tuli bumu."

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